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What is 3N3RG1Z3?

Welcome to 3N3RG1Z3, where the future of web design collides with the pulsating beats of hard electronic music. Brace yourself for a revolutionary platform that transcends boundaries, fusing the dynamic worlds of digital creativity. Immerse in a realm where sonic innovation meets pixel perfection to redefine the limits of their craft. Join us on this electrifying journey, as 3N3RG1Z3 becomes the epicenter for pushing the boundaries of technology, design, and the relentless energy of hard electronic music.

Web Design

At 3N3RG1Z3, we believe in the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Dive into the world of cutting-edge web design where every pixel tells a story. Our platform empowers designers with tools to create visually stunning and intuitively responsive websites. From sleek user interfaces to immersive user experiences, 3N3RG1Z3 is your canvas for crafting the digital future.

Crossroads of Creativity

Innovative Design

For people seeking a visual dimension to their sonic power

3N3RG1Z3 offers innovative design tools.

Visualize your mixes, craft bespoke visuals that sync with your beats, and elevate your live performances to a whole new level. 3N3RG1Z3 empowers DJs to be not just sound architects but visual storytellers, creating immersive experiences that resonate with the audience long after the music stops.

Interactive Soundscapes

Explore the synergy of sound and design

Transform your online presence into an auditory and visual journey.

Transform your online presence into an auditory and visual journey. Allow users to navigate through your website with a soundtrack that complements the content. It’s not just about what they see; it’s about what they hear and feel. 3N3RG1Z3 brings a new dimension to web design, creating experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Hard Electronic Music

Feel the pulse, embrace the power.

3N3RG1Z3 is a sonic journey into the heart of hard electronic music.

Dive into a realm where beats hit hard, bass reverberates, and melodies captivate. From industrial techno to hardcore rhythms, we celebrate the raw energy of electronic music. Join us on a sonic adventure that transcends boundaries, where 3N3RG1Z3 becomes the heartbeat of hard electronic beats.

Budget Allocation

  • 27% Product Development

    Product development according to the roadmap.

  • 39% Marketing, sales & partnerships

    Expenses for attracting the retailers to the platform, making partnerships with payment providers, website builders, loyalty programs services providers and other partners.

  • 12% Operations

    Operational costs, non-tech staff salaries.

  • 6% Legal

    Company and subsidiaries establishment, contracts with the retailers, development of legal opinions about the entire stack of BitRewards services and retailers’ operations, etc.

  • 16% Management

    C-level executives salaries.


June 2023
Development of the scoring model
November 2023
Development of the platform for quotes
February 2024
Development of a product
June 2024
Development of the main product
October 2023
Development of the platform
December 2023
Development of the platform for transactions
March 2024
Development of a hardware product

Design Showcase

Step into the spotlight with 3N3RG1Z3’s Design Showcase – a curated space where the most innovative and visually stunning websites come to life. Witness the power of design in action, explore featured projects, and draw inspiration from the creativity that thrives within the 3N3RG1Z3 community. Your masterpiece could be the next to grace our showcase!

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